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Fire Engineering Design


PCD Fire Designs specialises in provided Fire Design Reports for new and existing buildings throughout New Zealand.

Fire Design Reports are required by Building Consent Authorities (Councils) when applying for a Building Consent relating to any non-residential work.

PCD Fire Designs works with Clients, Architects, Designers, Engineers and more to ensure that the Clients building meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code in relation to Fire.

Fire Penetrations

PCD Fire Designs can assist building owners with identification of fire penetrations, both compliant and non-compliant, within their buildings.

Our staffs fire fighting, fire safety and fire investigation backgrounds, along with formal training in fire penetrations gives PCD Fire Designs a unique ability to work with building owners and tradespeople to rectify any non-compliant penetrations found within a building.

Fire Penetrations

Building Compliance Inspections


PCD Fire Designs assists both building owners and potential building owners in identifying compliance issues with existing buildings, in relation to fire safety.

These inspections can form part of a potential owner/ owners due diligence, allowing for detection of any fire safety design issues prior to committing to a purchase or design project.

PCD Fire Designs also provides this service to assist in identifying issues with current building stock. Issues that are identified can be worked into future building works planning.


Accessibility, or the provision of Access for people with Disabilities is an important design consideration. In certain commercial settings (e.g. offices) the building must be designed to allow for entry and access through a building for someone who has a disability.

A few of the accessible features that can be required in a commercial building are; accessible toilet, shower, stair, ramp, door widths, reception desks and corridors.

PCD Fire Designs includes an Accessibility Design in all our Fire Design Reports where required. We are also able to offer this service as a stand alone report if required.